Construction Marketing 101

By Terry Wegner, CM, PMP Many people confuse sales and marketing.  They are not the same.  While sales is an “in-house” process, marketing can and should usually be outsourced so

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Savvy Special Report – February 2020

Get To Know Trophies, On-Lines, and Generation App Technology and the recession are significant disrupters dividing the millennial generation.  In fact, Rebecca Lindland, founder and consultant,, separates millennials into

Home Technology – Evolution Brings Simplicity

Home Technology - Evolution Brings Simplicity In the past, Smart Home features were a way to differentiate houses. But today, programmable thermostats, smart doorbells and door locks and lighting control are transitioning

House Savvy

Peter, The Butler, Investigates Home Technology With Dallas Sight And Sound’s Bill O’Connor We’ve asked Peter Van Ryder, owner, trainer, and staffing specialist at Estate Management Solutions (EMS)

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