On the Hunt for a Hybrid?

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Today, almost all car manufacturers have introduced hybrids, making hybrid models an option no matter what price range you’re shopping in or whether you’re looking for a basic car, truck or SUV.  If it’s a

Best “Family Taxis”

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By Beverly & Steve SmirnisThe 2016 Honda Pilot gets our vote for “most-improved” in the large crossover segment.  Something practical for hauling the gang to baseball practice doesn’t have to mean mom has conceded to middle

Sedan Standouts

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With so many sedans models to choose from, manufacturers and marketers scramble to position each with standout features that will hook the buyer.  Will the decision come down to looks, performance, fuel efficiency, safety features

Style & Utility

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They look and drive great, and these capable utility vehicles will also give you the extra confidence when you need it.No problem next winter with the capable and safe Volvo XC60 R-Design.The all-wheel drive Volvo