Hyundai Scores High with Younger Buyers

Hyundai Scores High with Younger Buyers Rebecca Lindland, founder and consultant,, separates millennials into two groups.  She spoke to a group of auto dealers at a recent auto show about

The Compact Competition

Compact no longer means bare bones when it comes to fit, finish and features in the compact car segment. Today’s compacts are increasingly comparable to their larger counterparts when it comes to options, and thoughtful

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Turbo-Charge It!

A turbocharger is an add-on part that uses recycled exhaust gases to increase power.  Smaller turbocharged engines can equal larger non-turbocharged ones in acceleration with better fuel economy. But be aware that turbocharged engines are

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Sedan Standouts

With so many sedans models to choose from, manufacturers and marketers scramble to position each with standout features that will hook the buyer.  Will the decision come down to looks, performance, fuel efficiency, safety features

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