Dallas-Fort Worth Building Savvy – December 2020

Finish Strong in a Tough Year Borrowing the headline from this month’s Focus Section, we commend our local industry for its remarkable comeback.  We have pressed on and capitalized on pent-up demand to


2018 I-Codes Now Ratified Across Texas as 2021 Code Hearings Begin Builders understand that change and advancement in minimal standards for residential construction are needed and necessary,  but industry advocates also work hard

Focus Section: Home Technology

Control Your Future… by Putting Your Customers in Control of Their Homes The stats say that homes with smart tech features providing comfort, control, connectivity, and securitysell faster than homes without and that


New Buyers Challenge Yesterday’s Norms Who the buyers are, where they are buying homes, and what they’re looking to find in their homes and are the real changes resulting from the fall-out of

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