Why The Rolls Royce Cullinan Belongs In Dallas

Perfectly suited for transport to the private jet hangar at Love Field.

Perfectly suited for transport to the private jet hangar at Love Field.  (Special thanks to Charter Flight Group and Trinity Private Jet Charter)

Dallasites Share the Spirit of Ecstasy

Inspired by a rumored love affair, the famous silhouette of the inspirational muse on the hood of Rolls-Royce was once known as “the whisper.” She poses with her finger against her lip to signify the secrecy of the love she had to hide.

Yes, we Dallasites may be a modern metropolis today, but like the world-famous TV series portrays, the oil and cattle-ranching industries and all of the eccentricities of the wealthy wildcatters are our roots. The mystique of the muse could probably describe several famous Wild West women in Dallas’ founding days!

Dallas’ version of the muse would have to be as tough as she was beautiful to make a mark in history. Similarly, while it’s an understatement to say that the Cullinan is unsurpassed in luxury in the SUV segment. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do all that it was built to do in withstanding the extremes of terrain, altitude, and weather.

Dallasites appreciate the “Architecture of Luxury

Highland Park, Dallas’ original luxury neighborhood, was designed by 20th-century land planner Wilbur David Cook who also planned Beverly Hills, CA, around the same time at the beginning of the 20th Century, is a haven for lovers of historically significant estate homes. Bluffview, once a dairy farm area on the outskirts of Dallas, today provides unique homesites with hilltop views and other one-of-a-kind homesites along the winding streets with creeks and ravines interlacing underneath and around the area. This area of Bluffview, along with the neighborhood on either side of the Inwood corridor between Walnut Hill Lane and Royal Lane, comprised the original town of Old Preston Hollow. North of the dirt road known today as Northwest Highway is where early the wealthy Dallasites kept horses on acreage and today the city’s most expensive estate homes are built along the quiet residential streets that still retain their country feel with plenty of room to provide set-back and security for the hidden estate homes of the city’s most well-known residents.

Homes in these Dallas estate home neighborhoods are a showcase for some of the most well-known architectural talent of the past century. With prices for land and homes limiting residency to the top one percent in net worth, their streets are the most likely places for Rolls-Royce owners to reside. And due to the deep roots of many of these Texas homeowners, they’re likely to own ranch homes somewhere else in Texas. Combine all of these factors and there lies a propensity toward Cullinan ownership!

Sporting the signature Rolls-Royce grill, said to be inspired by Rome’s imposing Pantheon temple, Cullinan’s unique “Architecture of Luxury” is defined by its unique aluminum space frame underpinning new Rolls-Royce chassis technology, to deliver the signature Rolls-Royce magic carpet ride. We put the Cullinan to the test on a privately listed ranch property in East Texas represented by Wright Monning, whose own family has owned ranches in Texas for five generations. Wright heads up the Monning Ranch Group at Compass Real Estate. Our friend Duke Jimerson, an agent for Monning’s farm and ranch group, connected us.

The first all-wheel-drive Rolls-Royce glided effortlessly and quietly across the ranch’s gravel roads, actively engaging in All-Terrain mode to provide uninterrupted torque. And we certainly found out about the muddy surfaces at the ranch after a flash flood that occurred the evening before our photoshoots of the Cullinan in its true element. Had there been more rain on our day at the ranch, we could have had occasion to whip out the Rolls-Royce hallmark umbrella housed in its special compartment in the back door and the Cullinan would have waded just fine in the water. On another occasion, we had the opportunity to drive a Cullinan in a creek bed filled with water that came about halfway up the side of its doors.

Everything’s Better in Texas, and in Dallas, It’s Even Better

Knowing that Texas is better than the rest when it comes to many things, a pride that Texans share in common with the likes of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, who set out to be the makers of the world’s best car. The brand has done a superior job at retaining its status at the pinnacle of luxury since 1904 when the first 10hp machine made its debut at the Paris Salon. Being from England, Rolls-Royce uses 11 to 13 bulls who graze on high-protein meals in northern Europe. But a Texan would tell you that if Rolls and Royce had been from Texas, it would have only taken one or two Texas-sized bulls to craft the leather interior of the average Rolls-Royce! And though they’d notice the buttery seats, they’d never admit that better bull hides existed anywhere in the world!

The Cullinan is whisper quiet like its muse, floating quickly past anyone who stares at it or would love to start the rumor. Our test vehicle had rear seating elevated for three (or plenty of room for the muse and her lover). It even has a glass partition between the luggage compartment and rear passengers to assure even more sound insulation and uninterrupted comfort for those special nights out.

Having become more subdued in the years since the Wild West, Dallasites will likely order their Cullinan with the champagne cooler in the center back console. Some retaining daring tendencies and the transplants from California might opt for the starlight headliner. All Dallasites buying the Cullinan will no doubt opt for the Bespoke Viewing Suite – two leather seats and a cocktail table are deployed from the luggage compartment at the touch of a button — perfect for Texas football tailgating or hunting adventures.

Yes, we are the center of the universe here in Dallas. And many others beyond the natives are discovering that being in the center makes travel to most anywhere quick and easy. The Cullinan looks perfectly at home at Love Field alongside the private jet that Estate Life sponsor, CFG (Charter Flight Group), had waiting for one of the famous Dallas residents it regularly flies across the country and back. So, when you order your Cullinan, be sure to also purchase a Jet Card membership, which guarantees aircraft availability 24/7, 365 days a year; fly in three hours or less when you decide.

The Cullinan glides smoothly along an East Texas ranch road.

The Savvy Drivers put the Cullinan to the test at a previous off-road driving event.

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