Take Control of your Home Tech Upgrades so you can Take Control of Alexa!

Being able to control all smart home devices by voice, home control panel or using your cell phone while at home or away can now be accomplished much more easily and affordably.  No more hubs, ugly wires, countertop clutter, or switching between multiple apps!

Work-from-home was already gaining traction before the pandemic accelerated it.   Today, it is important for homes to be ready to serve with the kind of robust, secure networking that an executive working remotely would demand.  A Wi-Fi system to power it all without dead zones isa first step. If you’re planning a remodel, the good news is that there are easy and affordable upgrades to turn an existing home into a smart home.  Smart plugs, smart bulbs or dimmers and smart thermostats are designed to fit into existing switches or sockets.

The next step is to the ability to control and manage the basics like lights, thermostats, door locks, garage doors, and security devices on one system.  While a lot of smart home products have been out there for years now, the problem was that until more recently, they were not designed to work well with one another.  A unique product that allows Alexa to be easily placed into every room of the home is the pJuno AI Speaker Light with Alexa.  Positioned above the fray in something that already exists – lighting, the unique Juno product integrates four advanced technologies – the Alexa voice service, high performance JBL® speakers, sophisticated lighting controls and Juno LED lighting – into a single ceiling light fixture.  Install Juno AI into an existing 6-inch downlight and control up to 200 Alexa enabled smart devices. Connect Juno AI with your smart home devices the same way you connect them to Alexa – complete installation, connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your other devices and add the device in the Alexa app.

The Juno AI Speaker Light with Alexa built-in integrates four advanced technologies – the Alexa voice service, high performance JBL® speakers, sophisticated lighting controls and Juno LED lighting – into a single ceiling light fixture. 

The Top Things People Want To Be Able to Manage and Control in Their Homes  and some products that make it possible


See who’s at the front door with Ring and let them in using a smart door lock.  Homeowners can use the Schlage Home app to lock or unlock the Encode smart WiFi deadbolt from anywhere. Owners can create up to 100 temporary or permanent access codes for guests or service providers and receive alerts about when codes are used. The lock integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Add motion and ambient light sensors to detect when someone has entered a room, automatically turning on the display and any programmed scene.


Turn any light into a smart light and intelligently control smart lighting products like Philips Hue, LIFX, Lutron.  Smart Plug and Smart Dimmer Switches adds smart home connectivity and voice control to any outlet in your home. Use products like Lutron’s  Natural Light Optimization to automatically tilt blends to preset angles throughout the day to diffuse direct sunlight and maximize comfortable daylight; the Façade Finder feature lets you determine what exposure your windows have so Lutron can set the right schedule each day to control your blinds.


Set your home’s temperature with smart thermostats like those offered by Honeywell and Ecobee.


The Sonos system is a popular choice for allowing everyone in the home to play their  favorite music and playlists and works with any services, so they can listen to what they want, where they want and how they want.


Irrigation controllers like those from Rachio, Hunter, Rainbird, and Toro are widely used, helping owner comply with watering restrictions and save on waste.  Inside the home,Moen has taken a lead in introducing smart faucets and leak detection devices.  The U by Moen Smart Faucet line includes smart kitchen faucets with voice-activated technology.  Besides hands-free turning on and off, you can tell it to emit a ½ cup of boiling water, for example.  In the kitchen or bath, U faucets offer unlimited personalized presets.

Flo by Moen is a smart water valve that detects and stops water leaks to prevent surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation. 

Backed by years of product development and industry leading technology, Flo by Moen is a smart water valve that detects and stops leaks from your toilet, shower or faucet, to the pipes in your foundation and behind your walls to stop surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation.


 Discerning and critical video enthusiasts are talking about the latest from Bragi CinimaScope and madVR’s Envy Pro Cinema.  These are making history in their ability to deliver the highest definition viewing experiences to date.


Treat the outdoors just like another room that needs to be integrated into the whole house control system.  Be sure your system is ready to support pool operations, all-weather TVs, sound systems and wireless access points outdoors.


From yoga rooms to spa-like indoor and outdoor spaces, the notion of home as a healing, revitalizing place is a trend pushed by the pandemic.  Studies show that dynamic, circadian lighting connected with our internal biorhythms promote well-being, reinforces health and nourishes the imagination.

Products like DMF’s Warm Dim technology that combines dimming with shifting color temperatures throughout the day or Savant Daylight Mode using advanced logic to adjust intensity and color temperature, support healthy sleep and wake cycles. You can personalize your circadian experience based on your home’s precise geo-coordinates, turning lights on to the exact color temperature and intensity needed to match the circadian curve at any time of day.

Putting it All Together

Choosing a qualified tech service provider/installer is important.  A tech pro should start with an on-site home tech activation appointment, where users learn how to use their new system, and tailor it to their lifestyle.  Most integrators offer cloud-based remote monitoring and management platforms to monitor and diagnose their installed systems, enabling them to remotely check the status, diagnose and control a number of critical parameters and easily fix any problems to assure a great experience for end-users.

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