1. Wellness 

Showers are not just for hygiene.  The right combination of multi-spray configuration–overhead rainhead showers, handshowers, multifunction showerheads, body sprays—can elevate mood and invigorate well-being.  Add the luxury of steam for removing toxins and impurities and promoting respiratory health.

First there were coffee pods to deliver the coffee shop experience at home, now there are shower capsules to rival the aromatherapy treatment you might receive at a top notch spa.  INLY Shower Capsules slide into an infusion dial on Moen Aromatherapy Handshowers.  Users set their preferred dilution setting for infusing the running water with essential oils in the fragrance of their choosing.

  1. Clutter-free, Germ-free Design Details 

Details that keep your bathroom organized easier to sanitized can include:

  • drawer and cabinets with compartmentalized storage for hairdryer, razor, toothbrush with integrated outlets.
  • large-format tile with thinner grout lines for easier cleaning
  • self-cleaning toilets
  1. It’s Got To Be Smart

Wi-Fi connectivity in the bathroom allows you to use voice-control to select temperature, water flow, stream audio, lower the shades and dim the lights.

A premium, smart toilet experience is now accessible at more home price points.  For example, Bio Bidet’s Prodigy 770 has a motion activated open and close lid, dual smart flush and an integrated self-cleaning bidet with customizable, remote controlled water and dryer settings at half the cost of competitive, top-of-the-line, smart toilet offerings. 

  1. Making a big statement in smaller spaces

Today’s homebuyers may be willing to sacrifice some square footage, but they’re not wishing to skimp on bath amenities.

  • Petite style vanities are a trending product category.
  • Check out medicine cabinet options—they’ve come a long way.
  • Play with textures rather than patterns.
  • Explore compact elongated toilets. They take up the same space as standard round-front toilets but are more comfortable and stylish.
  • Don’t nix the tub! Multiple studies show millennials still want a tub and separate shower in their master suite, but it doesn’t need to be oversized.  Look for standouts like freestanding tubs or Kohler’s Expanse® bath designed to replace a standard size tub with a uniquely curved, roomier basin.
  • Powder rooms are the place to express personality through an intense wall or ceiling color or use of conversation-worthy sinks, faucets, mirrors and lighting.
  1. Universal Design Disguised

Some examples of bathroom design that’s both chic and user-friendly for physical challenges include curbless showers with integrated seating, handheld faucets and linear drain systems eliminating the need for enclosures around the shower space. Walk-in tubs offered in more traditional horizontal designs and wall-mounted sinks also fit the bill.

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