The residents that Estate Life Magazines reach love to read about the accomplishments of the young residents in the neighborhood and read articles written by them too.  On occasion, when we have an interview opportunity with someone who we feel would be a great person for a young person to learn from, we also assign our young resident reporters to these stories.  For example, Oliver Steinberg, a Greenhill high school senior who reports for the Old Preston Hollow/Bluffview Estate LIfe, recently interviewed our sponsor, Jeff Kutas, who advised Oliver when it comes to bringing a new product to market, “First find something you love to do and that you’re passionate about and that you can envision using yourself.  Ask yourself if it’s something others will enjoy also. Then, if you’re crazy enough to drive a struggle bus to see it through, do it.”

Jeff is the inventor of the Mailbox Sentinel, which he advertises in Estate Life.  He said the idea was inspired after he heard about the problem of thieves following around the Amazon delivery vehicles and snatching packages off of front porches.   With more and more people starting to receive deliveries from Amazon weekly, if not even more often,  he began to think about what could ease their worries about theft.  Busy people can’t always plan to be home to receive the goods when they arrive.   Jeff’s answer to making home deliveries and returns easier is the Mailbox Sentinel.  It has a front side with a one-way letter receptacle and package delivery door. The back side has a receiving door to access both the letter tray and packages below. A keypad on the front unlocks both doors with separate codes.  Simply provide the pin for a scheduled return pickup by UPS or FedEx.

Oliver and some of our other young resident reporters will leave their posts soon as they prepare to go to away to college next fall.  Our hope is that their experience in being reporters for their neighborhood publications will help their college resumes stand out and that they will be inspired by the people they meet in the process.   At least one of our former resident reporters, went on to earn a college degree in journalism.  If you are a resident receiving Estate LIfe and have a son or daughter who might be interested in reporting for us, please have them contact us.  The number one thing we look for is their ability to identify good stories and meet our monthly deadlines.   We provide a template with questions to ask and try to make their monthly commitment as simple as possible, requiring only about an hour of time each month.

Jeff Kutas Mailbox Sentinel

Jeff Kutas of M.B. Sentinel