Meet Ashley & Ashley–The Priddy Team of Dallas Veterinary Clinic

A love for animals is something shared by all members of the Priddy family. 

Dallas Veterinary Clinic recently earned its American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)accreditation, joining the top 12% of veterinary practices in North America. There are nearly 1,000 individual standards in 18 different categories to meet in order to meet accreditation requirements.

DVC relocated to Preston Center, at 6125 Sherry Lane, in the summer of 2018.

If you call their business, just ask for the doc if you’re looking for him, or the boss if you’re looking for her!  Yes, it is confusing!  Dr. and Mrs. Priddy are both named Ashley, even spelled the same way!  And if you’ve lived around Park Cities for a while, you may know yet another Ashley Priddy; Dr. Priddy’s grandfather, the late Ashley Horne Priddy was a former mayor of Highland Park and the namesake for the fountain at Armstrong Parkway and Preston Road.

Dr. Ashley grew up in the Park Cities and Mrs. Ashley hails from nearby in Hood County.   They met at Baylor, where he earned a major in history and a minor in business,  and she earned her BBA in Economics. After the events of September 11, which happened during their senior year at Baylor, he fulfilled a long-time desire to serve his country and enlisted in the Army at Fort Hood.  She went on to earn her law degree at South Texas College of Law in Houston before they married and she joined him in Central Texas, where she practiced family law and general civil litigation for a few years.

As a newly married couple the Priddyscombined their mutual desire to live abroad and his life-long desire to be a vet to reap a fulfilling life experience and one that makes a significant difference in their clinical practice today.  He was accepted to University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, home to the most advanced small animal hospital in Europe and one of only five international vet schools accredited by the AVMA at the time. So, she took a hiatus from the practice of law to join him in Scotland and spent some time there debating political discourse with international students and working as a research assistant for a professor of political science.

His requirement to complete 26 weeks of clinical studies outside of the University, led the couple on several travel adventures, including working with the Tree of Life for Animals in Rajasthan, India, where he performed surgeries and cared for underprivileged and abandoned animals, ranging from dogs and cats to cattle, monkeys, camels,goats and a peacock.

Soon after they returned to Dallas, a serendipitous opportunity arose and the Ashleys took on their next adventure–owning a practice. Dallas Veterinary Clinic, which has been a privately owned local practice since the 1960s, needed a lifeline, as the owner was going through difficult cancer treatment, and would soon retire. He wasn’t interested in selling out to a large corporate group. The Priddys sold their house and moved in with his grandmother in order to purchase the practice in 2016,and Mrs. Priddy became its Director of Operations. Due to redevelopment and no option to renew the lease at Walnut Hill, after many challenges and delays, the Priddys moved DVC to Preston Center, at 6125 Sherry Lane, in the summer of 2018. The current location is the perfect new home for Dallas Veterinary Clinic, closer to where it began 60 years ago, and situated conveniently for most of their clients.

The Priddy family of four, including 8-year-old Leighton and 5-year-old Isla Rose, are all devout animal lovers and each is involved to some extent in the family business–the kids enjoy getting treats ready for the patients and lending a hand at cleaning bowls.  The family cat,  Fiona, who mainly spends her time at the clinic, and one-year-old Rory, a white blonde golden retriever, complete the perfect entourage.

Dallas Veterinary Clinic strives to create a calming atmosphere for clients and patients.  Dr. Priddy shows a compassionate determination to get to the root of issues that his patients are experiencing and fully explain his findings to his clients.  With the belief that there is always something new to learn or improvements to be made to offer the best standard of veterinary medicine, he goes far beyond the minimum continuing education requirements set by the boards he belongs to, completing over 50 hours of continuing education annually, often at international conferences.Dallas Veterinary Clinic’s recently earned American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)accreditationmeans the highest standards and care for pets.

Needless to say, Dr. Priddy’s unique education and experience gives him a different perspective than other vets.

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