Don’t Overlook the Importance of Lighting for Ultimate Customer Satisfaction After the Sale

All buyers appreciate natural light, so first and foremost your home designs should capture daylight to supplement electric light and it is helpful to consider your target market carefully or make sure your lighting plan is adaptable if you are targeting a broader range of potential buyers.

For example, Progress Lighting says it is important to consider that seniors need about 75% more light than the average 25-year-old.  As our eyes age, it is easier to perceive cooler, brighter colors than warmer ones because our eyes cannot absorb as much light. LEDs are available in specific color temperatures with warmer ranges indicated by a 2700K – 3000K bulb and 4000K and higher for cooler colors.  LED lights and new LED technology is now available that offers color-changing abilities within the bulb itself, so color temperatures can be precisely controlled to a color that works best for the individual and the space. If you’re using brighter lights, your light fixtures should have adequate shades, diffusers or concealed light sources to prevent glare or too-bright light and ambient lighting should be used to balance the lighting scheme.

Most home buyers tour the models during the day time or view day time online tours. But what about nighttime? Does the home still hold the same beauty and functionality when there is no natural light?  Luminosity is a virtual 2D & 3D lighting tool that can help you show and sell lighting options. Eliminating guesswork, customers can see what their space will look like with various lighting, electrical, and home technology packages.  Luminosity provides pre-planned, cutting-edge lighting design concepts built right into your design tool, where customers can make selections and design choices at the click of a mouse.

Be Ahead of the Curve on Covid-Influenced Priorities

The Broan SurfaceShield lighting fixture features Vital Vio technology and an exhaust fan for bathroom applications. Use the energy-saving soft, white LED lighting mode for everyday task lighting. When you aren’t using the room, turn on SurfaceShield™ continuous microbial mode for uninterrupted cleaning plus a beautiful violet hue. Broan says round-the-clock use costs less than $4 a year.

Solid core interior doors like those from Masonite provide more serenity than hollow core doors.

After the toilet paper shortage, and the fact that so many people have traveled to places where bidets are commonplace, more buyers are asking for them.  Less travel has meant that outdoor spaces have taken on greater significance with an emphasis on privacy.  More cooking at home means more interest in commercial style ranges and combo ovens.  With more millennials ready to buy, approximately 73% of of them say they are willing to pay more for sustainable home products and energy-saving appliances, according to research by Whirlpool Corporation.

Make The Home Work-Ready

Since Studio Shed formed in 2008 in Boulder, CO, it has built, delivered, and enhanced more than 4,000 backyards across North America and beyond.  It aligns with Marvin windows on many of them.  Clients have used their sheds for home offices, as hobby studios, pool houses, guest houses and granny flats

Rethink floorplans or staging to offer creative, flexible space with zones for working from home.  Attic spaces under the roofline allow for future expansion.  Parents who prefer the school work zones close to the kitchen may wish to turn a formal dining room into an office.  Faultless WiFi should already be something you are assuring in the smart home age.  Be sure to place task, accent, and recessed lighting with adjustable illumination levels to provide supplemental lighting in specific reading or work areas. Include or allow as an option additional sound dampening materials for specifically designated work areas.

Make Additional storage and organizing  a priority.

Rev-A-Shelf’s natural maple pullouts are designed specifically for cookware storage and organization.  The company also makes bathroom cabinetry with built in organizers and in-drawer power outlets. 

In a space where work and play are one, and without compromising the open floorplans we continue to covet, it is important to have a plan for reducing clutter.  Design cabinets with designated cubbies and add organizers inside drawers to reduce misplaced items.  Include a mudroom or locker area near the family’s primary entrance point with open storage for quick access to items used daily and integrated seating providing a place for putting on or taking off shoes, as well as additional storage.

Serve the Germaphobes

BLANCO’s patented SILGRANIT kitchen sink material reduces bacterial growth by up to 98% and its Senso SOLENTA semi-pro faucet provides the ultimate hands-free experience by combining reliable materials with a sophisticated start-stop technology.

Food safe and easy-to-clean surfaces that reduce bacterial growth as well as hands free solutions for faucets will help future-proof kitchen design by adding features that enhance wellness while still looking contemporary as well as beautiful. Non-porous quartz is naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and mildew and thus a good countertop choice for the germaphobe.  Luxury vinyl tile can offer the look of traditional hardwood while providing an antimicrobial surface that can safely be cleaned with bleach and disinfectants.

Sharp’s patented Plasmacluster Ion air purification technology mimics nature’s own cleaning process, by splitting water molecules into positively and negatively charged ions, which spread throughout the room and actively break down pollutants like germs, airborne and surface-adhering bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses and clinging odors, and then return to the air as water vapor.

Napoleon® furnaces with HOMESHIELDTM produce super powerful Germicidal UV-C light that breaks down DNA, damaging and killing viruses and bacteria. 

Watch the trend in development of residential HVAC equipment that better prevents pathogens like viruses, bacteria and other airborne contaminants from re-circulating and being transferred between rooms.   For example, Napoleon® gas furnaces with Phillips UV-C technology is the same as that used in hospitals to kill all viruses and pathogens quickly.

There’s much more that will be introduced into our homes from the medical community.  Existing ductwork can safety be fogged with Envirocon, a chlorine dioxide that kills mold and fungus spores, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Commonly used in hospitals to clean equipment and tools, Envirocon is safe for humans to breathe and leaves surfaces clean with virtually no residue and will not stain or discolor surfaces. It is EPA approved to be sprayed in air duct systems with occupants present.

The Bottom Line:    Buying demand is strong and priorities in what people want in their homes has changed.  An ability to show keen understanding of the wants and needs across a broad range of buyer profiles will set savvy builders and remodelers apart from the competition.  And, impressed with your thought process and creative design solutions,  your satisfied customers will tell others, assuring your continued success in the face of any market fluctuation that may come our way next.

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