2022 Resolutions:
Communicate, Understand and Motivate


Industry experts remind builders to explain your norms and processes, ask questions to understand and connect with your clients and prospects, charge for quotes, embrace technology and keep up with the trends.

2022 calls for a continued influx of migration to our great state.  That means a lot of the homes we build and sell will house Texas newcomers.  Our Focus Section article on foundations may serve as a handy reference point of discussion!  Feel free to share a copy of it if you find yourself getting 101 questions from that L.A. transplant.  There’s also the fact that some of us hail from a different generation than those we’re doing business with.  Your ability to communicate, understand and motivate is the key to your survival. This applies whether you are dealing with your buyers, the young buck in charge at the lumberyard or the engineering firm’s latest hire just out of college.

Embrace the differences and keep your mind open!  If you’re willing to learn a thing or two from others, they may be willing to listen and learn from you, too!  It is our mission to be your eyes and ears to keep you SAVVY about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.