Is It Time for Follow Up on New Year’s Resolutions?

First, we hope that what you read here in Building Savvy will get you thinking and implementing better ways to construct homes. Savvy builders will agree that as with most material choices and best practices, the elimination of problems means less cost—both from the perspective of bottom line and reputation. Our February Focus Section explores how building science has advanced the common principles of framing design, structural integrity and energy efficiency significantly over the past couple of decades.  But too much of a good thing can cause other problems– tight is good, impermeable is not.  Finding the right balance is a topic we will continue to explore in the publication as well as in some of the Lunch and Learn events we have in the works for this year. The right balance is also a theme in the cover story on Sarah and Brian Salcedo this month.

We also aspire to bring news that will help you to be on point when it comes to home designs and amenities that today’s buyers are seeking.  Are you up on the expectations of the next generation of home buyers?    Does your design team understand their preferences? Does your sales team know how to speak their language?  Savvy Special Report offers some interesting insights on “Trophies, On-Lines and Generation App.”

Last but not least, make sure you and your team are fully vested in the goals they set and create a follow-up system to track the attainment of those goals.  As Paul Evans reminds us in his Sales Savvy column, “Inspect what you expect.”  Now may be the perfect time for the first follow-up check to see how you are doing at meeting your business and personal success goals.

Let’s make 2020 a great one!

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