Evolution Spells Opportunity

It has been said that change is the only real constant. Too often, discussions focused on the negative consequences of change leave us feeling overwhelmed or fearful. But as we explore the evolution of fenestration and trends in home style preferences for the new decade, let’s talk about the positive effects of change and how your business can capitalize on it.

Essentially, we always find a way to get what we want. Remember when owning a large SUV was frowned upon as a wasteful use of gas? Progress in the automotive industry now means that big and fuel efficient are both attainable, not to mention that even some of the biggest and baddest trucks will soon not depend on gas at all, thanks to electric vehicle technology advancements. We could compare the automotive example to the way that progress in building science has paved to the way for homes to be designed to maximize daylighting without sacrificing energy efficiency. While in the past, huge walls of glass might be viewed as a wasteful extravagance in moral juxtaposition with green building practices, your opportunity today is to be the builder with the magic recipe for a house of glass that still attains Net Zero status.

Looking back at the various trends in home style, designers say that each era reflects the sentiment of the time. In 2020, we might surmise that people seek order and serenity balanced with the desire to stand for something in our world. This translates into home style that is all about removing unnecessary visual clutter while using splashes of bold, confident accents. Pantone says its Color of the Year, Classic Blue, is “solid, dependable and exudes confidence.” Just like the fashion industry relies on constant change to be profitable, there would be no jobs for remodelers without change. So, paint the white or gray cabinets blue this year, choose your favorite color for an accent wall or ceiling, then count on updating again in 2030.

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