Another Year in the Books for Building Savvy Dallas/Fort Worth!

As we reflect back on all of 2019’s featured contractors, we see several recurring themes.  Savvy builders are hands-on, intentional and work well with others. I am personally inspired by their focus, integrity and talent and hope that this year’s selections also motivated you.  By the way, as we plan our line-up for 2020, don’t be shy about nominating your company. It is purely an honor, no cost is involved, but being selected for the honor can be a huge marketing plus when properly promoted. We can share some ideas about that!  

While our program has long-been multi-faceted, 2020 marks the year that will truly be one of change.


The industry top builders, remodelers, architects, designers and developers will continue to receive the private custom publication. Our list is based on volume, price level and industry longevity.


Building Savvy will continue to deliver timely, relevant, industry-specific presentations.


Articles/News will be delivered digitally to expanded our specific, targeted audience. Articles appearing in the magazine will be posted as blogs on this site, and you’ll have the opportunity to download the pages if you’d like to keep them or use them as a point of discussion with your team members.

So stay tuned, and if you haven’t subscribed, sign up right here to receive news alerts.

Our 25+ years of insight into and experience with the Dallas/Fort Worth region’s residential building industry puts us in a position to play in niches nobody else can play in!