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Manhattan Must-Dos

A refuge is exactly what you need on a visit to Manhattan, and the InterContinental New York Barclay, which has just undergone the most ambitious restoration in its history, delivers.  When the New York Central Railroad, owned by the Vanderbilt family, decided to electrify its rail tracks and place them underground, it sparked a building boom on the street level in the area just north of Grand Central Terminal and invigorated midtown Manhattan development. New, sumptuous Park Avenue penthouses and gleaming skyscrapers were erected.  The Barclay, built in 1926, became one of the notable railroad hotels to service the well-heeled men and women travelling to New York City.

Cuba: Say Cha Cha Cha and Enjoy Life in a Bygone Era

by Miguel Ramirez
As I wake up from a nap, I look around my room and don't know what bed I am sleeping in. The high ceiling in the room, the trim around the wall bases, the A/C wall unit nor the colonial furniture are familiar to me. As I approach the wood window shutter, I ask myself, am I dreaming?   I open it and notice all the old 1950's American cars and clothes hanging on balconies.  I hear music.  Was I able to turn back time by dreaming?  I try using my smart phone to get a hold of my wife, but it does not work. I am puzzled. I finally remember I am in Cuba!