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Friday, November 20, 2015

Mobile Bay--A Culinary Destination

It’s no surprise that the Mobile Bay area is famous for locally-caught fresh seafood, making it worth the trip as a culinary destination alone. The Mobile Bay area is famous for locally-caught fresh seafood including shrimp, blue crabs, oysters, amberjack, flounder and much more prepared in a tantalizing variety of styles. There is also barbecue, spicy Creole and Cajun dishes, and down-home Southern cooking including homemade desserts like pecan pie, bread pudding, pralines and fudge. “Miss Pinky” at Wintzell’s Oyster House says it best: "It's so good, it'll make your tongue want to slap the back of your throat!"

At Callaghan’s Irish Social Club, it was easy to pretend to be a local;
we heard some fantastic live music and enjoyed
 Callaghan’s Bacon Cheeseburger, famed as
“One of the 100 Things to Eat in Alabama Before you Die"
and current title-holder for "Alabama's Best Burger."

The original location for Wintzell’s Oyster House
 – 67 years and still shuckin’—
is a historic landmark located on Dauphin Street

At The Shed, we found that really good, 
mouth-watering down home, southern smoked barbeque 
that the South is famous for, along with a great selection
 of regional beers. 

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